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They say about us...

«Tegline is warmed by the Tuscan sun by day! Blanketed by the stars at night, but the real stars are Simonetta and Giovanni's Family. Thank you for your hospitality and warmth. We had a wonderful time enjoying the peace and quit of Tegline.»

  Love, Patrick and Lorraine from Manchester, England.

«Dear Simonetta and Giovanni, being mathematicians, we are not good writers, so let us express our feeling in the form of an equation: PT = ∞ * P. P = The Paradise, is multiplied for ∞, that is the math symbol of infinity! And the result is PT = Podere Tegline. Thanks for all!!!»

  Zofia and Pawel from Poland.

«We visited Venice for four days after leaving Chianti and then London, Bangkok and home. Our favourite part of the trip was hanging out at the farm and meeting you and your family. We left with heavy hearts but full of wonderful memories.»


«In Tegline we lived like kings! This was one of the best holiday we ever had: the most peaceful place to ourselves, our own pond full of fish, a warm fire with lots of Chianti Wine, grappa, songs and stories in the evening. The children love it! Thanks.»

  Margot, Richard, Mia and Lukas from Austria.

«We managed to relax: sitting on the porch with a glass of wine in the afternoon after a long, hot day of site seeing, or having dinner outside while enjoying the silence...»

  Judith and Amy from The Netherlands.

«This is the best of our entire visit to Italy! You have made us feel warm, welcome and very relaxed! We especially enjoyed having a great feast with you and your family and friends. We are so happy to know you and will make plans to return again and again...»

  Alexandra and Paul from USA.

«Un luogo dove il silenzio ti invita a riflettere sulle cose semplici che nel tran tran quotidiano spesso si lasciano da parte! Speriamo di tornare presto in questo luogo incantato!»

  Grazie! Marta e Francesco.

«...così, quando la mattina non sai che cosa fare, prendi in considerazione che ti puoi riaddormentare, perchè il sonno non ti vizia e non puoi fare senza. E non è un gesto di pigrizia ma una scelta d'esperienza. Magico questo posto. Magico!»

  Paolo (Verona)

«Alzandovi la mattina, molto presto, potrete sorprendere gli aironi che si posano sul lago in cerca di pesce i daini che attraversano la radura o addirittura la poiana che sorvola le colline di fronte al Podere.»

  Francesco (Torino).

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